Currently looking at the Aldi, Kilburn project

This project represented a national pilot study for the provision of a new smaller format city centre store format. The unit had previously been a clothes retailer and therefore an extensive fit out was required in order to deliver a store that met Aldi’s specific requirements.

Features of the new store type included : express till and check out units, bespoke merchandising and shelving systems, new shopfront design and fascias and new signage.

Extensive surveys had to be undertaken in order ensure that issues of structural loading and acoustic integrity were addressed. The foodstore had a large and recently completed residential scheme sitting above it. In addition to considering issues such as plant noise, it was also necessary to look at issues such as impact/operational noise from Aldi activities such as unloading and shelf stocking.

The new store is continuing to act as a test bed for evolving city format ideas and was recently re-merchandised and had additional tills installed. Customer demand has been very high and the lesson learnt at Kilburn are now being reviewed as part of the wider roll out of compact format stores.